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koloHUB made generous donations during the series of music concerts "Music from my Heartland"

The Hospitallers team is grateful to the non-profit organization koloHUB (Knoxville, TN) (FB:, IG: and the congregation of the First United Methodist Church (Newport, TN) and First Baptist Church (Jefferson City, TN) for their generous donations during the series of music concerts “Music from my Heartland,” performed by Ukrainian violinist Marki Lukyniuk (IG: and sponsored by Bill and Odette Shults. The music concerts were held on March 5th and May 7th in Newport and Jefferson City, TN.

Funds in the amount of $2,000 raised at two recent music concerts and $1,000 donated in honor of Kim Williams at the “Ready for the World Music Series: Ukraine” on February 26th are used to support the Hospitallers' ongoing efforts to provide medical care to people affected by the war in Ukraine. Specifically, the funds were used to purchase medical supplies, train paramedics, and provide logistical support to our teams in Ukraine.

Our team is incredibly grateful to the people from Tennessee and our partner organization koloHUB for their continuous support. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with koloHUB and similar organizations, Hospitallers can continue saving hundreds of lives in Ukraine daily.

koloHUB (EIN: 88-4151098) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization registered in Knoxville, TN, whose mission is to increase awareness about the war in Ukraine and assist and improve the lives of devastated Ukrainian people and animals. koloHUB has been coordinating volunteers and fundraising efforts in Tennessee to support Ukraine and war-impacted Ukrainians and advocating for Ukraine since 2022.

We are committed to providing medical care to those who need it most and will continue until the war ends!

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