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About us

Our team represents Hospitallers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We focus on sourcing and delivering medical supplies for paramedics who save human lives in Ukraine.

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We deliver your donations to Ukraine within 72 hours

We are not intermediaries. We raise funds, buy and deliver life-saving supplies directly to where it is needed the most. We do this fast. Our convoys leave the UK every week.

Trustees in UK

Oleksiy Podoprihora, coordinator of volunteer team, who helps Hospitallers in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Oleksiy combines an extensive IT background with years of investment banking experience and has worked on a number of successful businesses in Europe. Oleksiy holds an MSc in Database Systems along with an Executive MBA from London Business School.


Justin Hughes

Justin works as a strategic adviser to senior leadership teams on building high-performance cultures. He was previously an RAF fighter pilot and member of the Red Arrows. Justin is a published author and holds an MBA from London Business School and MSt in International Relations from Cambridge.

Fedyanovych Hanna.png

Chief of staff for Hospitallers Ukraine battalion and a member of Pavlohrad city council. Hanna together with Yana Zinkevych oversees Hospitallers Ukraine battalion that operates along frontlines in Ukraine and provides support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the russian–Ukrainian war, Hospitallers saved over 20000 lives.

Andrew Miskin.png

Andrew is a manager who works with senior executive teams to plan and implement changes in their organisations. He helps them to frame the problem and then figure out what to do. People use him for his blend of hands on management together with wide consulting experience and deep belief in the importance of individuals. His senior roles in partnerships, senior management and boards build on his first degree from Cambridge University.

Our goal

We focus on prompt delivery of medical aid to the civilian paramedics tending the injured in Ukraine.

What is the problem

More and more Ukrainian civilians and defenders are suffering because of ongoing brutal attacks. Many of them are severely wounded and require immediate medical help in order to survive.  

Due to the lack of vehicles and medical resources, 80+ Hospitallers’ members out of 300 are not equipped well to treat the injured at the front line and evacuate them fast enough.

How to solve it

We have joined forces with all the individuals who are willing to donate money, transport, and medicines for the sake of every life.  

Donations allow us to supply vital necessities directly to the Ukrainian paramedics in the shortest period. Hospitallers regularly receive pickup trucks and ambulances packed with medical equipment, humanitarian and emergency first aid.

Raising funds is key to saving more human lives!

Our mission

Our paramedics witnessed the Bucha massacre outcome first-hand and provided first aid help to civilians while other organizations considered the city too dangerous to enter. Our paramedics don’t do politics, they save lives!

Hospitallers Ukraine Aid exists to provide support to Hospitallers Ukraine, a voluntary organization of paramedics, in order to help them to save lives through emergency treatment of the seriously wounded.

Hospitallers Ukraine Aid was set up to meet a need for an agile response that is difficult for the larger aid agencies.  We provide vehicles and medical equipment ‘on demand’ direct to those who need them.  We are proud to be able to deliver aid in under 72 hours with no central bureaucracy, costs, or administrative hurdles.

The Ukrainian paramedics we support are not generally medical professionals.  They are volunteers from all walks of life, just like you, who have undergone a short intensive training program, and now work 24/7 in the most demanding of environments, often putting their own lives at risk to save others.

Hospitallers Ukraine Aid funds are not transferred outside the UK or distributed via third parties. 100% of funds are spent directly on emergency aid products (excluding drugs) which are then delivered to the Ukrainian border by our own volunteers and partners, all in strict accordance with our charity mandate.

How can I help?

Cash donations for Hospitallers

Cash donations

Now Hospitallers are in a critical shortage of medicines and medical equipment. Your donations allow us to purchase and deliver vital medical supplies to Ukraine. Every little bit helps and is a direct contribution to saving people's lives

Medical supplies for Hospitallers

Medical supplies

Hospitallers require the ongoing and prompt provision of medicines and medical equipment to deliver emergency aid. Donate anything from the list of current needs so Hospitallers get provided medical supplies in the shortest possible time

How can I help

Hospitallers team story

Hospitallers is a civilian force of paramedics founded in 2014 by medical volunteer Yana Zinkevych. Since then and until now Hospitallers are operating in Ukrainian war zones "for the sake of every life", as per their motto. 

Right on the battlefields, Hospitallers are first to help the wounded: provide first medical aid and evacuate to the hospital. They also give post-hospital support and rehabilitation to people affected by military actions and their families. As of today, medical crews have already completed more than 3000 evacuations.

Hospitallers is a non-state organization which means that their collaboration with volunteers and your donations is the only support they receive. With your help, Hospitallers have already been able to equip some paramedics on the front lines, but more assistance is needed.

Meet a Crew

The Hospitallers team is currently comprised of over 500+ brave individuals working 24/7 to provide medical aid to those in need in Ukraine. Below, we highlight Crew #5, who goes by “Millenium Falcon”:

“John”, paramedic from Denmark


Paramedic “John” is from Denmark. He is a veteran of Bosnia and Afghanistan and says he is honored to be able to help in Ukraine at such a time. Until February 24, John was engaged in business development in Ukraine. Now, he has an office on wheels, our “Millenium Falcon”.

Paramedic driver “Sarah”, an engineer


Paramedic driver “Sarah”, in his peaceful life before the war, worked as an engineer bringing the coffee business in Ukraine to the next level. He arrived at the base of our battalion on his bike. After the war, he hopes to take his Doberman dog on a long journey.

Paramedic “Cheka”, filmmaker


In the last days before the war, medic “Cheka” premiered her own film at the cinema. She was going to fly 5,000 kilometers for professional training to improve her English, but, ironically, the practice module is now held with fellow 

Fireman “Shkolnyk” (for “Schoolboy”), a first-year student of NAU


Fireman member nicknamed “Shkolnyk” (for “Schoolboy”) is a first-year student of NAU. He could now miss his classes, and even misses online studying, but for a good reason!

Every donation may save someone's life

For questions and in-kind donations, please contact our coordinator in the UK

Oleksiy Podoprihora, coordinator of volunteer team, who helps Hospitallers in the UK and Republic of Ireland


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