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Meet Hospitallers

Ways to help Hospitallers

Please do not post cheques. Our banking facility does not allow us to deposit any type of cheques.

Cash donations for Hospitallers

Cash donations

Now Hospitallers are in a critical shortage of medicines and medical equipment. Your donations allow us to purchase and deliver vital medical supplies to Ukraine. Every little bit helps and is a direct contribution to saving people's lives


Donations with eBay for Charities

eBay for Charity allows you to list your items for sale on eBay to benefit Hospitallers.
Your donations allow us to purchase and deliver vital medical supplies to Ukraine.

Medical supplies for Hospitallers

Medical supplies

Hospitallers require the ongoing and prompt provision of medicines and medical equipment to deliver emergency aid. Donate anything from the list of current needs so Hospitallers get provided medical supplies in the shortest possible time

Cars and ambulances for Hospitallers


There is currently a strong demand for trucks and ambulances, which are needed to organize medical evacuations. Your donations allow for purchasing more vehicles to transport the heavily wounded away from the action scene to medical facilities.

We are also looking to source second-hand cars (4x4, manual, diesel) and ambulances that we can deliver to Ukrainian paramedics in under 48 hours.

What's happening NOW in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia started a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine. War already has caused thousands civilian deaths and pushed millions of Ukrainians to flee to neighboring countries offering help to refugees.

Every donation may save someone's life

For questions and in-kind donations, please contact our coordinator in the UK

Oleksiy Podoprihora, coordinator of volunteer team, who helps Hospitallers in the UK and Republic of Ireland


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