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Urgent fundraising - target reached!

Updated: Jan 11

Fujifilm’s mobile X-ray kit (Xair) will become ours! We had this life-saving equipment on loan, and after the 8-months (extended) period, we had to either purchase it or return it. With the help of hundreds of our donors and their donations (small and large) and our charity partners British-Ukrainian Aid and Ukraine Charity, - we have managed to make this miracle happen! Xair is an ultralight, compact, battery-powered portable X-ray device weighing a mere 3.5kg that can be used in out-of-hospital settings. It greatly assists our volunteer paramedics in providing life-saving treatments, miles from any hospital, to casualties during “the golden hour.” The golden hour is the period of time immediately after a traumatic injury during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical and surgical treatment will prevent death. More lives will be saved!

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