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It has already been a year since the Hospitallers training base was restored!

Of course, the "old" Hospitallers training base has been in operation much longer - since 2015. Someone from the base is no longer with us, but the memory of each and every one remains in our hearts. Forever.

It has already been a year since paramedics repaired, restored, improved, and made the old base convenient for training - a "haven" for tactical medicine courses and a fully-fledged second branch of the Hospitallers Training Center.

Cat "Oleg", dachshund "Lisa", and guard Sasha, dog "Deputy", Pavlivna's food, Lesya - apart from the training, every cadet remembers this base for its little details.

Cadet "Shama" wrote: "The CLS course is very well-structured, no fluff, with actual cases. This is well illustrated by our test scores; during the practical exam, all the knowledge was in our heads, and our hands were calm and confident. The notes will remain with me as a starting point, and this is Knowledge with a capital K.

The course allows you to assess your abilities soberly, both physically and morally-psychologically. My motivation has only strengthened.

I want to thank the entire team of instructors, a special bow to Pavlivna."

One of the reviews about the CMC course: "My desire to take this course became a reality. I am immensely grateful to you! - The foundation of all actions is relationships/communication because nothing can happen without people. Therefore, the first thing that makes a significant contribution to a cadet's good course experience is easy and pleasant communication with instructors/sub-instructors, accessibility to them at any time, conversations with them on any topic, and equality in relationships.

The training was very significant, with stories supported by personal experience. The selection of instructors is incredibly cool. Humanity, sincerity, openness, ease - these are the components of each of them. Access to training and access to the instructor for specific questions can be said to be available 24/7. Thank you!"

The Senior Instructor of the Training Center - friend "Kalash" says:

"It all started hard, but high motivation allowed us to progress quickly.

In a relatively short period, I see a high level of growth in the instructors and the potential of the Training Center. The new approach has yielded results never seen before.

My goal is constant progress and development, raising the level of professionalism, and improving conditions for people.

It's only the beginning!"

Yes, it's only the beginning...

365 days. 330 cadets, most of whom have already saved hundreds of lives.

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