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How many Ukrainian lives can one pickup save?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

If cars had the “for saving human lives on the front lines” nomination, L200 would get the “most human lives saved” award. Probably the car manufacturers didn’t presume that in Ukraine this car would become the only chance for paramedics to evacuate the wounded.

Mitsubishi L200 allows paramedics to stabilize the injured and take them to the safe zone, where the regular ambulance awaits and transports them to the hospital.

Monthly we deliver 12-15 cars filled with medications for first aid treatment, all this we raise with the help of funds and charity organizations' support. Expenses are quite big so we mostly seek out used cars with low mileage. Then we take them to the car service and transport them to the border of Ukraine. Sometimes due to incidents during transportation cars may require additional service.

After Hospitallers get the car, they make it all set for the evacuation: change color to camouflage, prepare the vehicle body for transporting the injured, and attach medical equipment to both ceiling and side walls.

Apart from the paramedics, the crew includes a fireman who protects his mates if the enemy attacks and a mechanic who fixes the car in case of a breakdown.

The main advantage of a pickup is its high cross-country ability and large capacity. Hospitallers evacuate people from hot spots, so very often they have to drive cars along completely damaged roads or even cross fields to bypass mines and shelling.

The pickups are very capacious, so paramedics can take several wounded at once and deliver them to a safe location. Sometimes doctors evacuate people right under the heavy fire therefore the right-hand drive serves as additional protection for the crew.

As a rule, in extreme conditions, the service life of a car is only a couple of months, or even less if it comes under fire. It is not always repairable after the damage. Therefore, the pickup trucks will be in high demand until the war ends.

Big thanks to everyone who supports us! Only together we can do our best to find and deliver more evacuation trucks and save the lives of both military and civilians!

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