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Help to save Ukrainian lives

We fundraise and deliver medical aid to support Hospitallers, a Ukrainian voluntary organization of paramedics who are saving lives at the front lines right now.

With a heavy heart, we regret to announce that yesterday (29th of May 2024), during rotation and the evacuation of wounded in the Kharkiv area, we lost our “Cheka” - Iryna Tsybukh. Iryna has been known very well to the British public for taking part in a BBC documentary.
She will always be 25.
Our thoughts are with her family.

Oleksandr Kucheryavenko, a friend "Kuzma", died while saving lives.
A person with an incredibly sharp sense of justice.
A professional who worked in all stages of pre-hospital care.
A Hospitaller we already miss.

A few days ago, our Hospitaller - Sergiy Kaznadiy - died while saving lives.
Dear "Hera", you were a person with an incredible soul and a kind heart. Brave in spirit, "Hera" was always a support for his crew.
We express deep condolences to Sergiy's family.
It's an unspeakable pain for the entire Hospitallers battalion.

Training courses by the Hospitallers

Training by the Hospitallers continues to gain momentum and expand its reach. The paramedics have prepared courses on first aid and tactical medicine for both ordinary people and medical professionals. Prepare yourself for any emergency – train with Hospitallers!
These courses are only for Ukrainian language speakers, because the training takes place in Ukraine.

Urgent fundraising for armored vehicles!

The Hospitallers save hundreds of lives every day and put their own lives at risk. They work in the most dangerous sectors of the front and often under enemy fire.
And in such difficult conditions, unfortunately, we lose the best of us. "Cheka", "Kuzma", "Hera" and many other Hospitallers have died while saving the wounded in the most dangerous conditions. This is an unspeakable loss for all of us.
To protect paramedics during evacuations, they need armored vehicles.
For the Hospitallers to continue saving lives, we must help them as soon as possible and keep them safe!

Hospitallers training center

Since the beginning of the ruzzian invasion, over 800 volunteers from all walks of life have been trained by our paramedic crews on how to provide emergency medical assistance and how to save human lives. We are proud that hundreds of those who have gone through our training programme are now saving lives amplifying our joint efforts.

What we are now:

500+ volunteers
80+ crews
100+ members lacking vehicles and equipment

What we have done:

32 ambulances
76 pickup trucks and vans
Each vehicle was fully loaded with medical supplies and equipment

What we plan to do:

5 more ambulances
50 more pickup trucks and vans
Hemostatics and medical equipment
Meet Hospitallers

Meet Hospitallers

Hospitallers is a Ukrainian voluntary organization of paramedics. Its members are doctors and people of various professions and ages who volunteered to join the first aid squad and deliver life-saving support to all in need.

The commander of the Hospitallers battalion, Yana Zinkevich, was included in the BBC list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2022.

Donations allow paramedics to receive the necessary equipment for providing emergency care and evacuating the wounded.

Hospitallers team paramedics in Ukraine

For almost 9 years, Hospitallers provide first medical and pre-medical assistance on the very frontlines of Ukraine.

All paramedics receive medical training and first-aid courses at the Hospitallers training center. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 800 volunteers have studied at the center. Some have stayed with the Hospitallers crew, while others joined other units as paramedics.

If you want to help the paramedics and support their training center, participate in our fundraiser.

Right now, these people are putting themselves at risk to deliver urgent aid:

 Ivanna Chobaniuk. Family doctor, Hospitaller

Ivanna Chobaniuk

Family doctor, Hospitaller

Volunteered to go to the front at the age of 21 as a paramedic in 2014. She worked as a family doctor during the pandemic. Now Ivanna is on the front line again.

Mikhail Adamchak. Musician, Hospitaller

Mikhail Adamchak

Musician, Hospitaller

He volunteered as a paramedic and ambulance driver for two years since 2015. He returned to being a musician until the full-scale war started. Today Mikhail is again on the frontline.

Taras Popadyuk. Retired paramedic, Hospitaller

Taras Popadyuk

Retired paramedic, Hospitaller

Taras repeatedly took part in the evacuation of wounded from the frontline since 2014. Now Taras continues to save people from the hot spots in Ukraine.

Other help

For questions and in-kind donations, please contact our coordinator in the UK

Oleksiy Podoprihora, coordinator of volunteer team, who helps Hospitallers in the UK and Republic of Ireland


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