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What is it like to work as a MEDEVAC on the frontline?

A philosophy of a MEDEVAC has 4️ distinguished roles:

  • Medic of the group (somebody with a medical degree and experience)

  • Paramedic (somebody trained to work with trauma in the pre-hospital stage, not having passed the conventional 6 years of uni)

  • Gunner (keeping the crew safe, also helping as a paramedic)

  • Driver (planning the evacuation route, navigating the map, avoiding mines and mortars; also helping as a paramedic, if needed)

Yet, the crew differs from the crew, sometimes dramatically, depending on the area of operation and unit they support.


What about MEDEVAC #19? The crew has a medic, another medic, a paramedic, and the commander of the crew, a brilliant driver who’s also a paramedic.

Why don’t they have a gunner?

  • They only take routes they are confident in.

  • Someone with a magic wand (NLAW, for instance) always has their vulnerable medical backs.

  • Because they have 2 medics, they can work in more complicated areas of the frontline, dealing with mass trauma, and also working at a stabilization point (mini-hospital almost in the field stabilizing casualties and passing them further).


Working as a MEDEVAC is pretty stressful at times. But it’s also very rewarding! And fun, when you have just the right people around you. So Let's not stop and continue to support the Hospitallers at the front. Together we are one!

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