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United Through Art and Music: Charity art Auction to support Hospitallers

Two Tennessee-based non-profit organizations, koloHUB (FB, Instagram; located in Knoxville, TN) and Restore Ukraine (FB, Instagram; based in Johnson City, TN), jointly organized to host a charitable event, “United Through Art and Music: Charity Art Auction featuring Marki Lucki” on February 24th. The event focused on bringing Ukrainian culture to East Tennessee while increasing awareness about the ongoing war in Ukraine and raising funds to aid humanitarian and medical projects in Ukraine.

During this event, guests experienced a variety of engaging activities, including:

·       A silent art auction showcasing remarkable artworks rescued from Ukraine.

·       A mesmerizing violin performance by Marki Lucki, an artist from Ukraine now based in Knoxville.

·       Personal testimonies from artists sharing their insights into Ukrainian heritage, culture, and aspirations.

·       Traditional Ukrainian music.

·       An opportunity to participate in a raffle with thirty Ukrainian cultural gifts personally selected by Olena Korotych, the President of koloHUB, during her recent trip to Ukraine.

·       Wonderful Ukrainian cuisine, including delicious desserts prepared by our esteemed Chef Maryna.

The event successfully raised $3,600, which was equally divided among three Ukrainian charities, including Hospitallers, who tirelessly provide medical supplies and prosthetics to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The contribution to the Hospitallers amounted to $1,200! They will be directed towards purchasing hemostatic Celox gauze and tourniquets, essential for addressing life-threatening injuries and saving lives on the frontline.

Our team is grateful to the East Tennessee community for its unwavering support of our paramedics and Ukraine.

Please stay connected and continue to contribute generously to our cause!

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