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Unexpected help from American teenagers for the Hospitallers

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We continue to help the Hospitallers and we are very grateful to everyone who joins us!

We continuously purchase medicines, medical equipment, pickup trucks and ambulances that’s why we do not stop collecting donations!

We are very grateful to the teenagers Emi, Rhiannon, Daniel and Melissa from the US who decided to help Hospitallers after they knew about them. They created Ukrainian themed crafts (wooden signs and magnets, and clay maps) and blue and yellow cookies to sell in New York and gather money for Hospitallers.

Young helpers were able to earn $500 and transferred all the money to our fund. The collected money will be used to buy the most urgent needs for the Hospitallers and will be delivered to Ukraine. This is incredible support and care!

Good deeds always bring great benefits! Our support must not stop, because the Hospitallers need us. Together we are a huge force!

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