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Ukrainian short films screening fundraising event to help Hospitallers

Vsesvit - a Ukraine solidarity collective that focuses on raising funds for grassroots initiatives in Ukraine by organizing cultural and community events here in London. Last Saturday, November 11, there was a Ukrainian short films screening fundraiser "I Will Laugh Despite My Tears!" at the l Phoenix Cinema!

A selection of short films curated by Kat Oleshko offers a glimpse into life in Ukraine before the full-scale Russian invasion. They portray hobbies, nature, folklore, and urban landscapes, exploring Ukraine's complex cultural tapestry. Through the lens of these films, we also reveal a life that exists no more. Some cities are already destroyed, and some are under occupation, but our culture and spirit remain unbreakable. We will continue to laugh despite our tears. In total, Vsesvit collected £1850! £1810 was sent to Hospitallers UK and 40 to other volunteer organizations. We are very grateful for the support of the Hospitallers. They really need our help! Please continue to support the hard work of our volunteer paramedics and donate generously! #Hospitallers #Paramedics #UkraineParamedics #HospitallersUkraine #HospitallersUK #HelpHospitallers #Ukraine #SupportUkraine #HelpUkraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraineNow

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