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Training courses by the Hospitallers

Training by the Hospitallers continues to gain momentum and expand its reach. Meet the June schedule! You can also purchase a gift certificate for a selected course. These courses are only for Ukrainian language speakers, because the training takes place in Ukraine.

Course "Basic Life Support" - June 1, 22 in Kyiv - June 22 in Lviv You will learn how to act correctly and provide assistance to people in emergency situations (unconsciousness, seizures, cardiac arrest). 8 hours / 1600 UAH (more info)

Course "First Aid for Trauma" - June 2, 16 in Kyiv You will learn how to stop critical bleeding, restore airway patency, handle fractures, burns, and prevent hypothermia. 8 hours / 1600 UAH (more info)

Course "First Aid for Spinal Injury" - June 29 in Kyiv The course is designed for those who have completed the trauma aid course and want to be able to provide assistance considering the possibility of a spinal injury. 8 hours / 1800 UAH (more info)

Simulation Course - June 30 in Kyiv The course is designed for those who already have theoretical knowledge of first aid. Training consists of practical exercises and simulations of various emergency conditions (sudden cardiac arrest, trauma, bleeding, etc.) 8 hours / 2000 UAH (more info)

Basic Tactical Medicine Course (TCCC ASM) One-day: - June 8, 23 in Kyiv - June 23 in Lviv - June 9 in Dnipro 8 hours / 2000 UAH (more info) Three-day (includes more exercises and simulations): - June 7-9, 13-15, 17-19, 26-28 in Kyiv 3 days / 4300 UAH (more info) The course is for military personnel and those preparing for combat. We provide basic knowledge of tactical medicine. You will learn the algorithm of actions in case of injuries in combat conditions. Trainees will receive NAEMT certificates

Combat Lifesaver Course (TCCC CLS) - June 28 - July 5 in Dnipro (region) This is the next level of military training, where manipulations and skills are added at each stage of the MARCH protocol. The course includes theoretical preparation as well as realistic simulations involving transportation. Trainees will receive NAEMT certificates 7 days / 14,500 UAH (more info)

For more information about the courses, visit website. Or contact +380 98 117 41 27 (Telegram @HospNC) Prepare yourself for any emergency – train with Hospitallers!

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