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The story of Anastasia, known as 'Mom,' from the volunteer medical battalion Hospitallers

Nastya writes stories about people: heroic tales, heartwarming narratives, light descriptions, and complex narratives. And it always touches the heart. Moreover, Nastya captures wonderful moments of these beautiful people.

We call her friend 'Mom' because she refers to herself that way: 'Since after "Ukrainian," in terms of self-identification, I resonate with "mom" the most.'

Friend 'Mom' is the mother of two wonderful daughters—the meaning and joy of her entire life. Distance and rare meetings only sharpen this realization.

"My acquaintance with the work of volunteer medics happened years ago. During this time, I managed to execute a photo project dedicated to them. Even before February 2022, I dreamt of undergoing training...

And then they restored the old location and prepared a new course. Strengthened, with a significant number of simulations and drills.

I was lucky—I joined the ranks of the first trainees who underwent training at the old/new base."

Subsequently, Nastya started going on rotations to the front lines.

"Some soldiers, lovingly and with a smile, call us 'sectarians.' But what else to say about those odd ones who came from where others try to escape? They came voluntarily, no one paid them for it... Hospitallers."

Conversations with the wounded are an essential part of assistance. It's both pain relief and psychological support, simply the warmth of being cared for by their own, leaving the horror behind. Friend 'Mom,' truly like a mother, knows how to comfort, cheer up, and ease.

"While the doctor is dressing the wound, I hold the wounded's hand and ask about his homeland in Sumy... He, clenching his teeth, focuses his gaze on my face and responds."

Nastya knows how to showcase the beauty from people's life stories, and now our goal is to reciprocate, to reveal the bright beauty of Nastya herself.

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