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The European Movement International raised funds for needed medical supplies

Marking two years since Russia's full-scale invasion, in February the European Movement International (FB, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, Twitter-X, Linkedin, YouTube) launched a fundraiser to deliver crucial, life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine's front lines with the support of Ukrainian servicewoman and paramedic Yuliia ‘Taira’ Paievska.

We are thrilled to report that the European Movement International has raised a total of €1,910 from generous donors – a show of solidarity and strength in the face of a brutal war of aggression against a peaceful and democratic European country. These funds will be used toward the purchase of five patient monitors.

A Patient Monitor is a device capable of providing all necessary information about a patient's condition. It measures parameters such as pulse, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, cardiac output, spirometry, gas content, capnography, arrhythmia analysis, and ECG. The device is highly user-friendly, allowing for individualized monitor settings for each patient.

Patient Monitor

In delivering these monitors, Hospitallers, a voluntary organization of over 600 Ukrainian paramedics saving lives directly at the front lines, will assist. Along with frontline support, Hospitallers regularly purchases medical supplies for delivery.

While the European Movement's current fundraising drive is closed, donations for Hospitallers are always welcome. Ukrainians continue to fight against this hostile invading force every day.

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