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Thanks for your inspiring support!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

This week, our UK team has delivered three L200 pickup trucks to hotspots along with CPAP devices and multi-parameter portable patient monitors.

This equipment helps Ukrainian paramedics to provide first aid to injured people, and off-road pickup trucks are sometimes the only way to evacuate them to a conditionally safe area🙌

To get all this, we spent 20,000£ collected in a fundraiser that people from all over the world actively participate in! 🌍

Thanks to such strong support, we organized a prompt purchase of equipment in Europe. Our logistics specialists delivered a convoy from London to the Ukrainian border in 48 hours, as usual. Although this time we've had some losses. During transportation, it turned out that the 4th pickup truck needed minor repairs, but it will definitely join the next convoy and fulfill its mission💪

Thanks to everyone who participates in our fundraiser! We read every comment of yours and it inspires us to do even more💛💙

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