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Thanks for helping Ukraine

We’ll never stop saying how much our team is grateful to Natalia, Iryna, Alice, Oleksiy, Dmytro, Andriy, Artem, Rog, Oleksiy, and Ukraine Charity for your continuous help and generous donation!

​Two ambulances and a pickup truck will be of huge support for our life-saving mission!

Another ambulance came from Switzerland donated by Association for help of Ukrainian Doctors.

Also, we want to say our gratitude to the people of St Mary’s Church⛪️ (Harborne, Birmingham) and volunteers of the Closer Apart group for medical help!

We are also grateful to an IT team from Ukraine who opted to remain anonymous for radio equipment and medical supplies in excess of £50000.

Every donation (big or small) helps us to keep going and save more and more lives! We’re thankful to everyone who doesn’t stand aside!🙏

Together we’re strong!💪

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