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Solidarity and support toward Ukraine!

This weekend another convoy of three Mitsubishi L200 pickup trucks packed with medicines arrived in Ukraine. Soon these vehicles will be re-equipped and sent to evacuate the wounded from the hottest spots.

We purchased these vehicles using funds collected in our fundraiser. People from many countries take part in it, but participants from Sweden have been providing exceptional support lately.

Among Hospitallers, there are crews consisting of foreigners only. A paramedic from Sweden gave an interview about his work as part of the Ukrainian Hospitallers crew in its true colors for the "Militär Debatt" website.

Thanks to this article, a Swedish blogger Lars Wilderäng started writing about Hospitallers on his Cornucopia blog. The readers have responded and given us tremendous support! Their donations have already made it possible to deliver more than one convoy of evacuation trucks to Ukraine along with medical supplies.

Special thanks to St. Mary's R.C. Church and Artem for medical supplies and for contributing to this convoy as well!

We are deeply touched by everyone’s expression of solidarity and support toward Ukraine!

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