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Our great delivery for the Hospitallers in the amount of about £130,000!

Work at the front never stops, not for a second. So do we. We continue to supply pickup trucks to Ukraine and hand them over to the paramedics as soon as possible.

Finally, we got our order with portable monitors delivered. We purchased them thanks to the patron from the US and Ukraine Charity. We express endless gratitude to hundreds of people who joined our fundraiser on Justgiving, to the organization of Belarusians in the UK, and to Igor, Alex, Alice, Andriy, Natallia and Kris for help with the delivery.

The convoy of several vehicles loaded with medical equipment and medicines arrived in Ukraine on July 9.

22 G3H Multi Parameter Portable Patient Monitors with Printer & Respironics ETCO2 for £73,000 were delivered to Ukraine. In addition, we purchased 1,000 Celox bandages for £32,500, paramedics are short of them at the moment. The total cost of delivered supplies is about £130,000!

Many thanks to all volunteers for their coherence and teamwork! Together we make it possible for Hospitallers to keep going and save more lives every day.

Together to the victory!

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