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One more night vision device for Hospitallers

We have some exciting news about the delivery to the Hospitallers! Thanks to our donors, we were able to purchase another night vision device, which is essential for the drivers of evacuation crews!

With these devices, drivers can safely navigate at night with their headlights turned off, allowing them to see the road and terrain clearly. In the front-line zones, where paramedic drivers carry out evacuations almost on the front lines, remaining unseen while transporting the wounded is a critical mission. By using these devices, the risk of accidents is significantly reduced, enabling the Hospital staff to carry out evacuations at any time.

But that’s not all. Our fundraising for night vision devices is still ongoing because we need even more of them. We will be grateful to anyone who supports the Hospitallers. You can join the fundraising on JustGiving or transfer funds to our bank account. #Ukraine #SupportUkraine #HelpUkraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraineNow #Hospitallers #Paramedics #UkraineParamedics #HospitallersUkraine #HospitallersUK #HelpHospitallers

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