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One more life-saving delivery for Hospitallers

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

With your support, we continue helping paramedics in the hottest spots of the country. One more life-saving delivery reached Ukraine on July 24!

This time, we’ve managed to provide the Hospitallers team with another pickup truck, 19 bulletproof vests, and some medical supplies: tourniquets, first aid kits, and oxygen masks.

We are immensely grateful to Roger, a member of our logistics team, for his great help with the delivery. He never refused to help us! Since the very beginning of the war, Roger is supplying necessities from the UK to Ukraine as fast as possible.

Just as always, the latest delivery was quick and timely. Roger's journey from London to Ukraine took only 37 hours!

Pickup truck for Hospitallers

These days Hospitallers need our help and support as never before. Together we do great things and bring our victory closer.

Together to the victory!

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