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One more convoy from the UK team reached Ukraine

Hospitallers continue fighting for the lives of wounded civilians and defenders while we continue supplying necessities as fast as we can.

With the help of your donations, we purchased three evacuation trucks that were picked up by Hospitallers this week. Apart from vehicles, we have also delivered a bunch of vital medicines and quite a few breathing machines. The equipment will greatly assist Ukrainian paramedics in the prompt evacuation of the injured and the provision of high-quality first aid to them.

We truly hope that this delivery could make up for the recent unfortunate loss of three evacuation vehicles. Volunteers often have to transport the wounded under heavy fire, drive through rough tracks and bumpy roads, which considerably affects the cars since they usually take all the hit.

Every day, at least one truck unit goes out of order or gets damaged due to shelling occurring at the combat zones. While the broken cars are being repaired, they need to be replaced with no less efficient and fully functional vehicles. That's why Hospitallers require a constant supply of evacuation trucks – to make sure that every crew is equipped well to perform their life-saving duty.

Help us purchase and deliver even more evacuation vehicles join the fundraiser today!

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