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One more ambulance for Hospitallers

Working at the front lines requires plenty of effort and resources in order to provide first aid to the wounded. That's why purchasing pickup trucks, ambulances, and medical supplies is a top priority for us!

This week, we managed to bring one more ambulance to the Ukrainian border. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped us with the purchase and delivery of the ambulance to the Hospitallers' home station.

The vehicle was loaded with vital medicines, which were immediately distributed among the paramedic crews.

Ambulance for Hospitallers

We never stop searching for essential medical equipment and pickup trucks to assist Hospitallers. Our JustGiving fundraiser carries on since Ukrainian paramedics still have a large list of needs and, thanks to our help, they are able to perform their life-saving duty despite all the difficulties.

Let's join our forces and do everything we can to bring the victory closer!

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