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Medical aid for Hospitallers from Biblioteka and the Vsesvit teams

We continue providing the Hospitallers with medical supplies. With our support, they can save hundreds of lives every day in critical areas of the war zone.

We are grateful to everyone who helps us raise funds. Today we want to thank Valus Sonov, Mariia Pastukh, the Biblioteka and the Vsesvit teams for medical aid!

These two teams collected more than one box of medical aid, which will be delivered to Hospitallers. They've also been organizing fundraising events since February 2022.

We continue supporting Hospitallers and sharing news on the help we deliver. Also, we will be talking about the organizations and people who support Ukrainian paramedics with us, assist in providing pickups and ambulances for evacuations, as well as medical supplies and equipment. #Hospitallers #Paramedics #UkraineParamedics #HospitallersUkraine #HospitallersUK #HelpHospitallers #Ukraine #SupportUkraine #HelpUkraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraineNow

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