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Life-saving delivery of tourniquets

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This week, we have delivered two L200 pickup trucks and much-needed tourniquets with a total value of more than £20,000 to Hospitallers. The continuous supply of vehicles and medical equipment, which our team provides, is vital for paramedics to be able to give life-saving treatment in the combat zone.

The delivered tourniquets have proved to be the most effective and irreplaceable in emergencies. Hospitallers use them to stop the bleeding even after a severe injury, making it possible to stabilize a person’s condition before the evacuation to a conditionally safe zone.

The quality of tourniquets plays a huge role in providing medical assistance. Thanks to everyone’s participation in the fundraiser, we’ve managed to purchase and transfer the most reliable equipment to Ukrainian paramedics.

We are beyond grateful to our supporters for help – it keeps our Ukrainian paramedics going in these difficult times!

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