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'Kvitka' and her crew - one day, 3 human lives saved

'Kvitka' leads 6th paramedics crew of the Hospitallers battalion. Her team looks after the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, who fights russian invasion in Donbass.

"Fierce battles for Avdiivka are being waged around the clock... our guys have stood strong paying with their own lives. Just now, another attempt by the occupiers to advance was repelled. A medical vehicle is already racing down the battered road, carefully maneuvering around every pothole because inside the ambulance, medics are already fighting for the lives of those who had just fought for this world to have a future”, - 'Kvitka' says

At the stabilization point which is a small building not too far away from the front lines - the struggle for the lives of the wounded and the stabilization of their condition is underway.

"Head first, please" a surgeon instructs. "this is not a superstition, this is just has to be that way..." And in a small room, the battle begins, the battle for life. The medics work around the clock, simultaneously pulling three wounded from the “death grip”.

The floor is covered in fragments of freshly cut uniforms, boots, and red bandages, but the worst is already behind. Through groans and heavy breathing, someone can be heard asking for a cigarette. The surgeon notes that this indicates a quick recovery process starting.

The medics have managed to save a few heroes today, and now their patients are will be transported to hospitals inland. And the work continues at the stabilization point. There is no room for fatigue. The operating room should be cleaned up, medications should be restocked because in a matter of minutes, the next stretchers will be brought into the room...

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