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In memory of Pierre Zakrzewski: adventurer, journalist, humanitarian..

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar [web site link ] visited the village Horenka (Bucha region) near Irpin.

On this very site on the 14th of March 2022 Irish journalist Pierre Zakrzewski, who worked for Fox News, was killed, along with his translator Miss Oleksandra Kuvshynova and 2 other colleagues. On that day, Pierre was reporting on the brutal but stalled Russian invasion when the car he and his media team were traveling in was targeted. His intentional killing is now being investigated as a war crime by several countries.

The attack survivor described what made Zakrzewski so special, writing, “Every day that I knew him, he made me a better human. He taught me how to find beauty in the ugliest places, as well as goodness amid the worst of humanity. He fought even harder to make people’s lives better than those who fought to destroy life.”

Pierre Zakrzewski

Pierre was renowned not only as a great journalist and a beacon of press freedom and human rights reporting but also as a great humanitarian. He had covered conflicts but also worked to help innocent victims of wars, from Syria to Afghanistan, and Kashmir to Cambodia. Through his lens, he found a way to inform the world of the appalling suffering in war and to give a voice to those who would otherwise be silent. The ongoing support for Hospitallers through his widow, Michelle Ross-Stanton and family and friends, is not only part of a fitting tribute for Pierre so that other lives can be saved, but also a gesture of the ongoing and strong solidarity with the victims of this illegal war. As of today, Mrs Michelle Ross-Stanton and students of St Andrews College ( Dublin, Ireland) have donated over £15'000 to Hospitallers Ukraine. The funds have been used to purchase freeze-dried plasma (FDP). Hundreds of human lives will be saved. If you wish to support Michelle Ross-Stanton's fundraising and to contribute in Pierre’s name please follow this page.

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