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In Memory of fallen Hospitaller Iryna Tsybukh "Cheka"

Yesterday, during rotation and the evacuation of wounded in the Kharkiv direction, we lost our "Cheka" - Hospitaller Iryna Tsybukh. Just a few days before her birthday.

01.06.1998 - 29.05.2024

In February 2022, Iryna joined Hospitallers and took on the position of crew leader. Before the full-scale invasion, she was a manager of the "Suspilne channel" reform and also implemented educational projects in remote villages of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

We have no words. No one still believes what happened. This is an unspeakable pain and an incredible loss not only for the battalion but for all of Ukraine.

"Cheka" said: "The only choice for freedom in a country at war... the only story about freedom in this context is the struggle for this freedom." "You have to join the army because this is the era of our unique time, where we can defend our country." "I recently realized that this trend that we will all die soon is already quite loud, and everyone is preparing to die sooner or later. And when you have the opportunity to return to civilian life, you see that - okay, maybe living can also be a good trend. I just discovered this for myself. And I started thinking - wow, you can also live!" "I want children. I want a house. I want to plant tomatoes... but ending the war is the most important." "We need a memory strategy.... Memory shapes society... We do this not for ourselves, but for future generations. We remember not for the fallen, because they are already gone. We do it for those who will know about this. We know this best because we are participants in these events. But later there will be many people who will not remember this as we do."

"Is this society worthy of the deeds of the fallen heroes? The most important thing is the deed. Stories are meant to teach us to fight for justice, to punish evil, and to sacrifice ourselves for others. And if others were not worthy of this, then it is just an element of history that highlights the bravery and truthfulness of the main hero." "War is the worst place I've ever been, but it gives a ticket to real life, to a world of genuine independence, it marks the knowledge of the transience of existence."

Information about the farewell to Iryna will be provided later.

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