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Hospitallers Training Center

Volunteers who work and save lives in the ranks of the Hospitallers receive training and first aid courses. The training takes place in Ukraine, at the bases of the Hospitallers.

The January training of volunteers has come to an end. Training that cannot be compared to anything! An incredible team! From now on, saving lives is their most important goal.

But not everyone can join Hospitallers. Before the full-scale invasion, anyone could volunteer to become a combat medic, regardless of skills and abilities.

Since February 24, the Hospitallers can invite only those who meet clear criteria to join their ranks. The Hospitallers Training Center is unable to train a large number of applicants.

Now the list of criteria is as follows:

  • secondary/higher education

  • successful completion of tactical medicine courses in Ukraine and abroad

  • for drivers - more than 5 years of continuous driving experience, the extreme driving experience will be a significant advantage

  • for firefighters - combat experience, successful completion of firearms courses

Currently, the queue of people on the waiting list is about 1,000 people. Priority is given to drivers and doctors. The main thing is the readiness to immediately go to the battle-front after the successful completion of training.

Hospitallers Training Center

Hospitallers is a volunteer medical battalion that is not funded by the state, combat medics do not sign contracts and do not receive salaries. The main goal of Hospitallers is to save lives.

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