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Hospitallers battalion received eight armored Land Rover Defenders

In some parts of the front lines, evacuating the wounded turns into a real quest through rough terrain under a barrage of enemy fire. Such tasks are only manageable with all-terrain armored vehicles.

Every unit dreams of armored evacuation vehicles. Thanks to your support, the "Hospitallers" battalion received eight armored Land Rover Defenders.

"As soon as these Defenders arrived, we received a request from a military unit for casevac with requirements: all-terrain capability and protection from shrapnel. In such conditions, the traditional Mitsubishi L-200 was not suitable. So, we had to quickly equip a Defender for this purpose" - says the head of the Hospitallers' motor pool, Mr. Vasyl.

Light, with two beds, ventilation, a defibrillator, monitors - they were ready in 6 days and hit the road. Choosing this vehicle was the right decision. It's lightweight (only 3.5 tons), fuel-efficient, and can handle any terrain - be it sand or mud. "We've had to tow L-200s and jeeps after rain. This vehicle is truly impressive. There was a situation when all the vehicles got stuck on a dirt road, and we easily bypassed them through the forest. Defender is a lifesaver, my love!" - exclaims friend "Dalton".

Unfortunately, the workload for the crews was significant. They could transport 5-6 light or medium wounded at a time. "But there were many severe cases on these routes," - says nurse "Ronnie". "The team had to retrieve the wounded 200 meters from the positions, and the evacuation route to the point took an hour. If they were transporting a severely wounded person directly to the hospital, it took another hour. Navigating such speeds on broken tank-infested roads requires skilled driving. "We were confident in our abilities," - the team confirms.

Friend "Vityaz" is an experienced driver. With such a level of tasks, a person can cope not only with years of driving experience but also with practical knowledge of the vehicle's mechanics. In addition, as part of the crew, the driver possesses skills in tactical medicine and works with the team as a single entity.

The battalion has received several requests for high-passability and protection evacuation vehicles. So, we continue to assist the paramedics.

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