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Great help with generators from London School of Ultrasound and UK Planet Tools

We continue to help Hospitallers. Along with the funds we raise to purchase night vision devices, there remains an urgent need for heat and power generators.

Due to the massive shelling of Ukraine, civilians and evacuation points were left without electricity. Hospitallers need generators to provide first aid to the wounded in the war zones.

Thanks to Ross from UK Planet Tools and the London School of Ultrasound we were able to supply Hospitallers with generators and heaters.

London School of Ultrasound organized a charity fundraising event for paramedics. This special event was the first of its kind for professionals in ultrasound and fetal medicine, conducted simultaneously in English with a live Ukrainian translation.

The course was attended by 190 participants from 27 countries and the amount of 2369.68 Great British Pounds (more than 105,000 Ukrainian Hryvnias) has been raised to help provide aid in Ukraine. The course was organized by Dr. Fred Ushakov and the team at the London School of Ultrasound, with special support from Dr. Viktor Oshovskyy - Uniklinika Medical Centre (Kyiv, Ukraine), Dr. Elena Susidko - International Training Platform Medical Center and Dr. Nikolaev (Dnipro, Ukraine).

Ross and the UK Planet Tools team chose generators and heaters that can operate efficiently in cold weather and during power outages.

Together we managed to purchase 16 power generators and 4 industrial heaters. Their total cost exceeded £5,000!

Generators were delivered to Ukraine and Hospitallers are already making advantage of them. Paramedics will continue to save lives, despite all the difficulties!

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