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Great help from the SamKnows Team

We continue to help Hospitallers and supply them with all the essential medical equipment and medicines. We also keep raising funds on JustGiving to purchase 30 night vision devices for Hospitallers crew drivers so that they can safely evacuate the wounded at night.

We are extremely grateful to SamKnows! Having learned about the situation in Ukraine, they decided to help. Thanks to their active work during the year, they have sent a donation of £4,900. We will use this money to buy the necessary equipment for Hospitallers.

For over 14 years SamKnows has been pioneering internet performance measurements. The reason they exist is to provide impartial and accurate data on how the internet really performs so that government regulators, ISPs, academics, and content providers world-wide can improve internet performance for everyone, everywhere.

Thanks to your support, Hospitallers will continue to save hundreds of lives every day!

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