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Great help from people all over the world

Our help and support for Hospitallers do not stop for a second!

We are infinitely grateful to the people, companies, and organizations participating in our charitable fundraisers for JustGiving and organizing their own fundraisers. Thanks to our joint efforts, we can provide paramedics with the necessary medicines, medical equipment, pickup trucks, and ambulances on a weekly basis!

Many thanks to Deodar-Florian-Merivale Residents’ Association located in Putney SW15, London. On Sunday 5th June, a charity auction was held at the Queens’ Platinum Jubilee party, with the direct purpose to help Hospitallers in Ukraine. The auction allowed raising £3,271.07 that was transferred to our fund!

Also, we express our gratitude to Nicole Kovmir from Interpublic Group who transferred USD 3,205 to our fund. For the money collected at auctions, we have purchased the vital medicines for paramedics' needs and have already delivered them to Ukraine!

Let's continue supporting paramedics in Ukraine's hottest spots. Together we will win!

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