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Unexpected 50K wire transfer from US donator helped purchase extra life saving devices

Thanks to donations from people, we have a weekly budget that we can spend on the most urgent needs of our UA team who are on the front line.

It is not a secret that saving people's lives in the combat field requires special equipment and medicines. So hospitallers team has a huge list of current needs. Yet, besides medical supplies, there are other constant must-haves like 4x4 pickup trucks and ambulances. Our vehicles are often damaged and quickly worn out by severe conditions, so the need for them remains high all the time.

Every week, a good portion of our budget goes for vehicle purchases. Every month, around 12-15 vehicles are delivered to the battle area thanks to the donations.

But last week there was a special request from the paramedics. They asked for the portable patient monitors that they use to stabilize the injured. There is a need for at least 20 such monitors.

We were determined to fulfill the request, but soon after we started looking for the devices, we realized that these small monitors cost nearly as much as a used 4x4 pickup. It turned out we have to spend all our monthly budget on the monitors in order to deliver the requested number. So every week, we would have to choose either to buy a few vehicles or several portable monitors.

While we were thinking of the most efficient way to spend the donations that we had, miracles started happening…

We received a single wire transfer in the amount of $50 000 from the USA! The timing just couldn’t be more perfect. At the same moment, our regular donator Ukraine Charity offered the help of 31 000 GBP to cover a part of the bill for the monitors.

With the budget of 71 000 GBP, we negotiated a volume pricing for the device we found - G3H Multi Parameter Portable Patient Monitors with Printer & Respironics ETCO2. In total, we were able to order 22 such monitors right away!

Together we made a huge contribution to the work of paramedics and gave them a chance to save hundreds more lives. We continue doing our best and are grateful for your support. Only united we are strong!

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