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Christmas charity fair in support of the Hospitallers

We are grateful to everyone who participates in our Justgiving fundraiser and helps Hospitallers in any way they can.

Today we say thank you to Serhiy and his wife, who now live in Canada. They hosted a charity sale of Christmas decorations and raised 345 Canadian dollars for Hospitallers!

Christmas charity fair in support of the Hospitallers

Serhiy shared his story with us:

‘My wife and I are not very public people. We live by the motto "do good and run away". It was important for us to collect funds as soon as possible and send them to paramedics in Ukraine.

We live in the city of Fredericton in the Province of New Brunswick. We go to Brunswick Street Baptist Church. Christmas decorations were ordered from Koza Dereza from Ternopil. Our pastor allowed us to sell jewelry for donations for Ukrainian paramedics.’

All decorations were sold in less than 10 minutes. Having known about such high demand, Serhiy said he would have ordered more decorations. Serhiy and his wife plan to hold another charity sale for Easter.

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