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Another medical aid for Hospitallers

As we specified earlier, Hospitallers are in urgent need of ambulances and medical equipment, which are essential for providing consistent and timely first aid to the victims at the front lines.

Last week, we delivered an ambulance to Ukraine, packed with much-needed medicines and equipment for Hospitallers. Now let us show the contents of the ambulance in more detail.

Along with boxes of vital medications, Ukrainian paramedics received portable ultrasound devices Vscan Air CL and Butterfly IQ, as well as tourniquets to stop bleeding before proper medical care is provided in the hospital.

Thanks to everyone who assisted us with the purchase and delivery of equipment to Hospitallers! They are already being put to use to save hundreds of lives in frontline areas every day.

With our help, paramedics can continue delivering life-saving treatment. We need to make every effort to support them. Together we are stronger!

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