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4 evacuation cars for the Hospitallers

For over a year now, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, a volunteer organization of paramedics, “Hospitallers,” continues to save the lives of the wounded and evacuate them from critical spots in Ukraine.

Therefore, we continue to support their efforts and provide them with the necessary aid. We are grateful to everyone who participates in our charitable fundraising. Thanks to your participation, we were able to buy four evacuation vehicles for the paramedics.

Evacuation cars for the Hospitallers

These vehicles have already arrived in Ukraine and are currently undergoing maintenance and evacuation preparation. We hope that these pickups will help to save hundreds more lives.

Evacuation cars for the Hospitallers

We will continue to support the Hospitallers so that they can perform their crucial duties. The Hospitallers are volunteers and aren’t funded by the state. Our donations and provision of essential supplies help them in their life-saving efforts.

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