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The Hospitallers continue their help to people and animals in Kherson region

This mobile veterinary hospital is perhaps the only chance to control the uncontrolled reproduction of domestic animals in the frontline territories of Kherson region and maintain proper sanitary conditions in the region. The nearest veterinary clinics are currently under occupation.

The veterinary hospital is a fleet of vehicles, with the core being a mobile operating room. It's a Mercedes Sprinter equipped with an operating table on a hydraulic lift, an oxygen concentrator, a coagulator, and two portable ultrasound machines.

The interior of the vehicle is very spacious, and our surgeon, Evgen, is satisfied, saying, "There's plenty of useful space and everything is highly functional."

The evacuation bus that used to transport animals in previous missions now serves as a stationary unit. There, animals either awaited surgery or recovered after it.

Additionally, there was a pickup truck that transported animals to and from their homes.

The very first mission demonstrated the incredible productivity of the mobile hospital: in just three days, Hospitallers performed 45 sterilizations, administered 100 vaccinations, and conducted approximately 20 additional animal examinations.

And this is just the beginning. Thanks to the support of the Hospitallers, this unique mobile veterinary hospital is in operation! Please support the hard work of our volunteer paramedics and donate generously!

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