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Student from Ternopil saves soldiers' lives at the front line

Orysia Masna from Ternopil serves at the front line as a member of the volunteer medical organization Hospitallers, helping those in need every day.

Orysia Masna from Hospitallers

Orysia joined the volunteer medical organization in late May. When the full-scale invasion started, she was volunteering in Lviv. She was helping refugees and the wounded in a military hospital. At the same time, Orysia was practicing tactical medicine. She was sure that she would go to the front line as a medic.

Orysia Masna from Hospitallers

"I plan to stay here until we win. Hospitallers aren't a rear battalion; we are based in the war zone to quickly evacuate the wounded to the hospital," says Orysia.

"The task of our crew is to stabilize the wounded and evacuate them to the hospital as quickly as possible for professional medical care," Orysia notes. "The only thing that motivates me the most is to save the lives of those who risk their lives on the battlefield.

Orysia Masna from Hospitallers

The girl mentions that getting basic amenities at the front line is difficult, but none of this matters when you save people's lives.

"If we talk about material things, then there is communication, water, and light. But all this is not as important as being tied to people who became like a family to me. We are brothers and sisters. Here we laugh, train, and save lives together, but this person may not be here tomorrow. I try not to think about it," summarizes Orysia.

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