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RE: Volunteer paramedics at the front. Saving lives in war.

The 27-year-old double bass player with the battle name “Bass” works in a Hospitallers training center on the outskirts of Kiev with special recruits: he is in charge of training the new paramedics. Basic training lasts here for a week, food and logistics are free, there is no fee. ARTE was the first foreign TV team to accompany them for a week. 800 kilometers further east in the contested areas live those who have long completed basic bass training. Katja (27), Domino (21), and Max (33) have settled in an abandoned farmhouse with their supply center just a few miles behind the front. Only about 50 civilians still live in the village, without running water, but with the dull drones of the daily artillery fire. Katja, who otherwise works as a graphic designer, did not even tell her parents about her dangerous deployment. What does the brutality of the war do to the lives of the three young hospital workers? What hope do they have left? And can they really contribute to strengthening the Ukrainian army with their service? Questions that even the three hospitalists ask themselves frequently and scare them at the moment. Because even routine ambulance rides to the nearest hospital are life-threatening. Volunteer Max explains: “The Russians are intentionally hunting down ambulances.” Watch the report about them:

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