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How Hospitallers work — “Synulya” from Poltava

Hospitallers are carrying the guy on a stretcher into the evacuation bus "Avstriyka". He is one of ten wounded people who are being transported by the mobile ICU. All sensors are connected to monitor his saturation, pressure, ECG, pulse, and temperature. He is upset that he is dressed like a street thug, and even in a larger size.


"The uniform was cut, so sad, it was a brand new uniform!"

"You have nothing to worry about, you are alive, my friend," paramedic him.

"I am alive. There were two of us who miraculously survived. They offered us to surrender, but we refused" his voice and his look changed.

These are the words of Yevhen Roneyak, who goes by the cover name "Synulya". He is 25 years old and comes from Poltava. He is an infantryman in the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhian Cossacks.

Yevhen used to work as a policeman. He is now a second-year law student. He dreams of wearing a suit and tie and going to work in an office, but he assures that he will get better soon and put on his uniform again to continue fighting for rights where it is necessary.

Russians took up a position two hundred meters away from Yevhen’s unit. For the last three days, the occupiers have been constantly shelling them. On the first day, an APC drove in, but it was destroyed. The next day a tank was sent for them, but it did not reach them either - it was blown up by mines. From five in the morning, rocket and artillery shelling continued. On the third day, an enemy drone hovered over their trenches for 15 minutes. Soon after, their positions came under gas fire.

Yevhen saw his mates fall seven seconds later. By the voices, Yevhen recognized that they were attacked by the pro-Russian Chechen militants - they offered to surrender. Yevhen managed to hide in the pitch darkness of the forest shouting "Glory to Ukraine".

He ran for over half an hour to another position. When his mates saw him, they realized: the position was lost. Thirteen people were injured and six were killed. But Yevhen is convinced that the position will be quickly regained.

Yevhen says, "Can I take a photo with you? I'm so happy you were the ones who picked me up! It's like being in paradise!".


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