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BBC documentary featuring the story of our paramedic - volunteer Iryna

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Today is the 363rd day of the Russian invasion .. How ordinary people in Ukraine have lived through these terrible 363 days? When Russian forces invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Panorama asked five Ukrainians to start filming their lives. The result is a powerful documentary marking the first anniversary of the war through shocking and heartwarming personal stories.

Featuring people from across Ukraine, including a female paramedic experiencing the brutality of life on the front line, a TV presenter who rescues civilians under fire, a 19-year-old army volunteer, a wedding photographer turned war photographer, and a young couple swept up in the horror of their home town being occupied by Russian forces.

BBC documentary live on air BBC ONE @ 9 PM today or BBC iPLAYER featuring the diaries of 5 different people. Among them, is our Iryna, a paramedic - volunteer who has been saving human lives as a part of the Hospitallers medical group.

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