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Andrei Mozhur: "And the first time in my life I wish there would be no work for me"

Many volunteers constantly join the Hospitallers crews of paramedics. They’re willing to risk their lives to save the military and civilian people in the hottest spots.

One of the Hospitallers, Andrei Mozhur, shared his thoughts about working in the battalion. Here is his story.

One of the Hospitallers Andrei Mozhur

“Sometimes a choice may be complicated but obvious. Our war against those russian nonhumans is taking so many precious lives of Ukrainian people, both warriors and civilians.

From February my activities were mostly focused on myself and my family. Last month I went through training in tactical medicine and now I serve as a paramedic close to the frontline.

The motto of our voluntary medical battalion Hospitallers is "For the sake of every life", and it corresponds with my values.

My professional attitude always was about improving the quality of life, now my mission is about saving every life possible because each one is so precious.

And the first time in my life I wish there would be no work for me, because it would mean that every soldier is safe and sound, at least in my area of responsibility.

Now I am happy to have enough time, so I continue to create something. I am starting the blog "Wellness and war", with the aim to write the book.”

One of the Hospitallers Andrei Mozhur

The Hospitallers do not stop for a second and continue to work. The team always needs our help and support. Let's help them together!

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