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A man stepped on a landmine and now his foot must be amputated - he was “lucky”

While being evacuated to the hospital, the casualty didn't make a sound or single cry. Due to the bad state of the roads, driving is incredibly difficult and often, medics are thrown around the ambulance while giving aid. It's a very bumpy journey. Throughout the drive, the injured soldier held onto the paramedics to ensure they didn't fall and hurt themselves. Even though he was in huge amounts of pain, he remained selfless throughout.

At 28 years old he's been a soldier & surgeon on the frontlines in Donbas for the last 6 years. His injuries consist of a 'PFM-1' landmine, also known as a 'butterfly mine” or a “green parrot”.

Land mines violate international humanitarian law because they cannot discriminate between civilians and combatants.

The 1997 Mine Ban Treaty comprehensively bans antipersonnel mines & requires the destruction of stock, clearance of mined areas & assistance to victims. Russia has not joined the 164 countries that have ratified the mine ban.

It was a Medic day on June 19 and it's been incredible to see the Hospitallers working these last few weeks. Please show them some support and donate if you can. Photo and report by Jessica Daly

Hospitaller help injured man

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