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2 more pickup trucks and medical supplies for the Hospitallers

Our help and support for the Hospitallers never stop. The situation at the front remains very dangerous and unstable, so paramedics are in great need of medicines and medical equipment to save the lives of military and civilians in the hottest spots.

We are grateful to all the people who participate in our JustGiving charity fundraiser. With your help, we purchased and delivered 2 more Mitsubishi L200 pickups to Ukraine.

Many thanks go also to Artem, it’s not the first time he’s helping us with medical supplies for Hospitallers. This time, the vehicles arrived fully loaded with vital medical equipment. Paramedics began to use it as soon as the convoy reached Ukraine.

We do a lot for the Hospitallers and we need to keep going. With our support, they can continue to save hundreds of lives in Ukraine every day!

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