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May 18

Thanks for helping Ukraine

We’ll never stop saying how much our team is grateful to Natalia, Iryna, Alice, Oleksiy, Dmytro, Andriy, Artem, Rog, Oleksiy and Ukraine Charity for your continuous help and generous donation!💙💛

The ambulances and pickup truck will be of huge support for our life-saving mission!

Also, we want to say our gratitude to the people of St Mary’s Church⛪️ (Harborne, Birmingham) and volunteers of the Closer Apart group. Your radio equipment and medical supplies in excess of £50000 will be put to making first aid on the frontlines accessible for hundreds of Ukrainian people!

Every donation (big or small) helps us to keep going and save more and more lives! We’re thankful to everyone who doesn’t stand aside!🙏

Together we’re strong!💪

May 17

Thank you for help Walton Road Garage

We want to convey our endless gratitude to Lewis, Antony, Tim and the team from Walton Road Garage who works tirelessly helping us to fix and get our evacuation vehicles ready for saving human lives!🚐


Thanks to you we receive trucks that are fully prepared to evacuate civilians and injured from front lines in Ukraine🇺🇦

We appreciate your attention to detail, so all the vehicles we receive are running properly and our crew can drive safely even in the most dangerous and difficult areas.

You’re people with big hearts!🙏🏻

Your example shows how even a small family business from the UK🇬🇧 can be a great help to the Ukrainian people. Thanks to your support we can continue our life-saving mission and evacuate numerous Ukrainian civilians to safe places and hospitals for medical treatment.

Together we can do great things!💙💛

May 12

Children’s Music Concert in Wales

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Helen Denning and people who have arranged the charitable Children’s Music Concert in Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 This event in aid of Ukraine means the world to us🙏


Your gift of £1,100 is a huge help to our paramedics!👨‍⚕️

We’ll put this money towards our mission - making first aid🚑 on the frontlines accessible for those who need it. We’ll have a chance to save hundreds of lives in Ukraine!🇺🇦

Big thanks to young performers, music teachers and Lisa Butler, Val Conway, Carol Marubbi, the organizing team, and everyone who made the event possible. We feel your warm support here in Ukraine and it inspires us to keep going💪

Together we’re stronger!💙💛

May 6

Public donations collected

We continue receiving your help in form of cash and medical donations, and we cannot be thankful enough for your ongoing support!


Right now, we are preparing several boxes filled with donations for delivery to the Hospitallers team in Ukraine. The boxes carry all sorts of medical essentials, including the urgently needed first aid kits, tourniquets, critical injury packs, and more.

The stock of medicines is still at a very low level in Ukraine. With your donations, we can cover the needs of Ukrainian lifesavers in real-time and deliver vital essentials directly to paramedic crews.

Each donation counts towards saving a civilian's life!

April 30

Ambulances with medications delivered

Hospitallers would like to thank UkraineCharityOrg and Ukrainians in Great Britain for the generous donation!


An ambulance support unit and a field ambulance will save many lives. Furthermore, we are incredibly grateful for the specialist medical supplies (worth in excess of £80'000) and humanitarian aid received with the cars! All our paramedics are volunteers. Every donation (big or small) helps us to keep going. Day after day, month after month.

Shout out to Natalia, Andriy, Aleksandr, Artem, Rog, and Oleksiy who helped with organisation and logistics


Big thank you to Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust and the HPL Team for some additional donations.

Everyone, we truly appreciate your commitment and dedication. Together, to the victory.

April 20

More donations to be delivered soon

We are currently driving to the Ukrainian border to drop off a pickup truck packed with medical donations. The vehicle carries all sorts of first-aid medical supplies, including those brought to the Biblioteka Donation Center and those purchased upon our request.


Many people and organizations have already joined in the fundraising and provided vital resources to cover the needs of volunteers in Ukraine. The number of donators is growing with each day.

On behalf of the Hospitallers team, we cannot be grateful enough for your immense help!

Each contribution, no matter how small or big it is, brings us closer to our goal – purchase medications of critical need and deliver them to Ukrainian paramedics as quickly as possible.

Your participation helps Hospitallers to deliver timely emergency care for the sake of every life!

April 22

Two evacuation trucks received

Two more pickup trucks have been picked up by the Hospitallers team in Ukraine. Both vehicles got Hospitallers' number plates and were handed over to the paramedics.


Volunteers constantly require pickup trucks to be able to evacuate the wounded and safely transfer them into the hands of medical specialists at the hospital.

Join the fundraising to help us purchase more pickup trucks and equip every member of the crew with an evacuation vehicle. Your prompt action can save lives!

April 19

Medical supply donations collected

We have recently purchased vital medical supplies, as well as picked up several boxes packed with medical resources generously donated by Royal Surrey County Hospital. Now the supplies are being prepared for transportation to Ukrainian volunteers from the Hospitallers team.


Thanks to these in-kind donations, paramedics will be able to keep their life-saving mission going and deliver proper treatment to every injured civilian and defender.

Your donations, both cash and medical ones, are particularly essential in times of crisis. There are so many wounded that a pickup truck fully loaded with medicines gets empty within a day.

Donate today to help Hospitallers save the lives of Ukrainians!

April 7

One more convoy heading to Ukraine

As of April 7, two pickup trucks fully loaded with donations and medical supplies are on the way to Ukraine. There is currently a strong demand for trucks and ambulances since volunteers need them to evacuate the heavily injured from the action scene.


Please help us to raise funds to cover the needs of Ukrainian paramedics. The more ambulances and pickups trucks are at their disposal, the more people will survive even after severe traumas.


Each donation is a direct contribution to saving a human life!

April 3

Another truck with medicines received

On April 2, the Hospitallers crew has picked up one more Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck loaded with 50+ boxes of medical supplies.

Shout out to Valentin and Biblioteka team for the provided help!

Thanks for standing with us!

We continue raising funds and donations to bring much-needed aid to the paramedics and injured people in Ukraine.

April 3

Medical and transport donations delivered under 48 hours

We have delivered a Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck and a Vauxhall Movano van to the Hospitallers crew on March 31. The vehicles carried medical supplies worth over £90'000.

We are actively delivering medicines and vehicles to assist Ukrainian doctors. By donating today, you will supply doctors with the resources that are essential for saving lives in challenging conditions.

April 1

Thanks for your help!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

We do our best to deliver vital necessities to Ukraine as soon as possible.

As of today, we are collecting first-aid medical donations for soldiers and civilians in conflict zones.

Together we are stronger!


And we will continue sharing our news with you.

March 25

Evacuation truck with supplies delivered

On March 25, the Hospitallers have received an L200 pickup truck using it to evacuate wounded volunteers, defenders, and civilians from the active combat zone. More trucks mean more patients being transported to nearby emergency facilities and attended to by medical specialists.

The truck was loaded with boxes containing items of critical need. These are 500 body bags, as well as 500 Celox bandages to treat severe bleedings. With every cash/transport/medical supply donation, the number of saved victims increases. Make your contribution to saving a life today!

March 22

More ambulances received

The Hospitallers have picked up 2 ambulances and 2 cars for paramedics that were delivered on March 22. The ambulances are fully loaded with medical supplies allowing paramedics to provide high-quality primary aid to injured defenders and civilians. Thanks to car donations, the patients are now being safely transported to hospitals away from the battlefield.

If you can cover the Hospitallers’ needs in any form – medical equipment, cash, or vehicles, please help! Each donation counts towards saving a human life.

March 15

Equipped ambulances heading to Ukraine

As of March 15, two ambulances packed with medical equipment and humanitarian aid are on the way to Ukraine. They will be handed over to the Hospitallers upon arrival.

During the war, ambulances are essential for Ukrainian paramedics to provide emergency care and stabilize victims with life-threatening injuries. The more ambulances there are at the medical crew’s disposal, the larger the number of saved patients. Many thanks to the SVS UK team for generously donating one of these much-needed vehicles. Join a good cause and help paramedics deliver life-saving aid with your donations!

Watch a video to see more details on the provided help:

March 14

Another car with medicines delivered

On March 11, the Hospitallers got an L200 pickup truck for transporting the heavily wounded to local hospitals. But more cars are still needed since the appropriate spare vehicles are extremely scarce in Ukraine at the moment.

Along with the truck, we have also delivered a bunch of first aid supplies to help doctors treat the injured right on the spot and on the way to medical facilities. New requests for medical equipment and resources come in every single day. Please donate to save the lives of multiple war victims in Ukraine!

March 9

Transport donations received

Paramedics from the Hospitallers team have received 3 cars loaded with vital supplies on March 6. Cars allow for reaching the hospital faster than a large ambulance, which means that the injured will promptly get life-saving treatment.

The cars contained boxes with the medicines, as well as numerous sleeping bags, per the request of the paramedics' crew. To ensure that the Hospitallers have sufficient resources to tend to every victim, your donations are needed. Together we can help save Ukrainian lives!

March 5

Medical donations collected

As of March 4, we have prepared the requested medical supplies and loaded them into the vehicles. Soon they will be heading over to the Hospitallers team in Ukraine.

We continue accepting donations, including medical ones, since the lack of medications remains one of the most pressing issues during the war. Now more than ever, doctors require your help to deliver emergency aid on the front lines and away from the battlefield. Please donate to save injured civilians and defenders!

March 4

Car with medicines for Hospitallers

On February 28, we have purchased the car and consignment of medicine for the paramedics from the Hospitallers crew. All this is vital for every member of the crew to deliver immediate medical care to patients with major traumas. Several days later, the shipped goods have safely arrived in Ukraine. The next day, the car got Hospitallers' number plates and was handed over to the paramedics. With the help of donations, the Hospitallers will receive the much-needed vehicles and medical equipment in the shortest possible time. Don’t stand by – donate now for the sake of every life!

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